Working for a Cleaner Future
for Maritimers

PowerShift Atlantic is a research project focused on finding more effective ways to integrate wind energy into our electricity system, with pilot programs for residential and commercial customers underway across the Maritimes.

This four-year, innovative program will run until 2014, piloting technology that shifts energy supply to specific appliances in homes and commercial buildings in order to optimize wind generation with minimal or no disruption to participating electric utility customers.

Wind energy is a clean, renewable energy source that has an important role in our electricity system. However, as a renewable resource, it's more unpredictable than traditional generation.

PowerShift Atlantic involves electric utility customers in a truly innovative way, engaging them in a long-term research project that enables utilities to remotely shift energy usage to specific appliances on customers' premises.

The research project employs a new technical architecture, including a Virtual Power Plant that can balance demand against the variability of wind generation. While current research is focused on wind energy, what we learn may be relevant for optimizing other sources of renewable energy generation.

PowerShift Atlantic is a collaborative research project involving electric utilities, government, academia and industry partners. It's an opportunity for the Maritimes to play a leadership role in speeding up the adoption of clean renewable energy sources and help create a better legacy for future generations.

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